05 December 2006

REBOL, REBOL, Waiting for REBOL 3.0!

If you haven't heard of, or tried, REBOL you should have a look. What it does, and how easily it works is just amazing. The size:power ratio is incredible. This is the way much business computing could/should be done. If you are a SMB (small to mid-size business), you should consider REBOL (large enterprises too, but then the beauracracy and politics would probably be problematic because REBOL can actually help your organization!).

I've been dabbling with REBOL for the last few years. Based on my experience with current and prior versions, the next version, 3.0, promises to be even more amazing. So, Carl I'm waiting patiently for version 3.0, please update the timeframe estimates!

I plan more blogs on REBOL in the future. It is a key tool in my personal toolbox. REBOL is different, innovative, simple, elegant and powerful: all things I like in a programming language, and it is more than a programming language.

Disclaimer: I don't work for REBOL Technologies nor have I been compensated to endorse or develop REBOL solutions. (I am interested in REBOL solution development opportunities. If you are a SMB and in need of enterprise software solutions, let me know.

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