04 January 2008

Native Web Apps

Here is an example of taking Web Apps native on the Mac. Its called Fluid. It uses a concept called Site Specific Browsers (SSBs) to run web apps as separate desktop apps. A bit of an inverse to what I was describing in my last blog entry. It requires Leopard which I have not had a chance to migrate to :(  So at least I can take my Web apps native, now I need a tool or framework to make lightweight native apps that work like Web Apps!

Another interesting project that I have used in real life (and been following for a long time) is for Java (the .Net version is lagging), is Naked Objects.  Your domain model objects (POJOs) are reflected to generate the UI which is user customizable. The Model (that contains behavior) is used to generate the View and Control. Works great for internal apps for knowledge workers that know their domain. You can easily switch from client app to web app. It has come a long way. Very RAD! A good framework to have in your Java toolbox.

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