04 January 2008

Sun's Lively Kernel - Old Tech Refresh

Sun ( I used to work there for many years) has a Labs project called Lively Kernel which builds on old OO technology that is very advanced compared to much of what is out there today. The heritage is Self, Morphic and Squeak. Self is one of the best unknown languages ever....from Sun Labs who has taken this early 80's language and updated it a few times this century.  Lively Kernel takes these advanced OO concepts and blends them with JavaScript for a very rich internet Web 2.0 solution.

Self is a prototype-based with traits language. Very different.  Follow the Self link above for more info on the language and actually download it (if you don't have a Mac OS X or Solaris SPARC(tm) machine, oh well, but you can read about it. If you are a smalltalker or squeaker, it will be interesting for you!)

It is great to see these concepts refreshed for the Web, where hopefully many developers will find value for the mainstream.

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