10 January 2008

REBOL 3, where art thou?

Nearly a year since I blogged about my anticipation of REBOL 3 and its imminent release, and I'm still waiting. Anyone else waiting too? The latest status update was last October. Now the reason things "appear" to be so quiet on REBOL 3 is simple. Since I'm not an active participant in the development of REBOL 3, I don't have access to the information flow. This cuts down the noise the actual, active developers need to deal with, and the promise of new, open AltME worlds once 3 is released all makes sense.

As I was waiting looking in from the outside, I took a quick look around the REBOL sites and found (from here) the alpha is available. (scroll to the bottom of the blog entry to get the link). Kudos to the REBOL 3 team! (and many thanks too!)

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